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About our photo sessions

The boudoir photo sessions are our speciality. Fully customized, each session is tailored to the client and can combine one or several styles. The shootings usually take place in a nice hotel suite, or in private appartment, photo-studio and even outdoor.

We shoot everyone, regardless age, physiology and gender, everybody is welcome: Woman, Couple, Man, Trans. We shoot any style, whether you like it glamour, lingerie, nudeart, sexy, erotic or even hard.
We work for everyone : private individuals, professionnal agencies, independant escort-girls, lingerie designers, etc.

The photos sessions can be easily done in Paris and New York where we are based most of the time. We also visit Monaco and Geneva once a year. And for any other location, let us know : we are willing to move anywhere on the planet if you are willing to pay !

The shooting locations

Renting a suite or a beautiful hotel room is the most classic and suitable option. Most of the time it's possible to rent it just for a few hours, this is called day-use. You will find many references of hotels in New York that practice day-use renting here :

You can also opt for renting of a nice apartment or an original residence on You can even choose to make the photo shoot at home, if the decoration fits your envies. Lastly, we can shoot outdoor, fashion in the city, or sexy in the nature, we are open to any idea.

Be aware when renting a hotel or airbnb : I advise you not to specify that you will take photos, some places could increase their prices, or even refuse your request. Finally, do not hesitate to negotiate prices with hotels directly, they often post double the prices they would offer on internet.

Course of a photo session

The course of a boudoir photo shooting starts by selecting a nice location : a hotel room is the ideal option, combining decoration and discretion, the perfect place to set a nice boudoir couple session. Nicolas, the boudoir photographer, will move to you in total discretion with all the equipment needed. Optionally, he will be assisted with his hairdresser, makeup artist and stylist team.

After a debriefing on the style and envies of the client, followed by some proposals concerning the outfits, the photo shoot can start : Nicolas knows a lot of elegant positions and sexy attitudes, he will ask the model to mimic it in the most natural and elegant way possible. After a few minutes when the shot is successful, he will show another position and attitude, or maybe propose another outfit or makeup, and so on.

Once the session is over, Nicolas will upload all the photos directly on your laptop. Session is over. You go home with all the pictures and you can take as much time as you need to select the photos to be retouched if needed. Retouched pictures are usually ready within 5 days.

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