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The sexy photo therapy

Discover the unexpected effects of a boudoir photo session : when photography is serving well-being and personal development, what about sexy photos reimbursed by social security?

The boudoir photo therapy

In the well-being and personal development section, there are many techniques and therapies that have proved their efficiency, such as meditation, yoga, or psychotherapy. But if there's a therapy that is still occult and yet shows a remarkable potential, it's the boudoir photo shooting!

To book a professional photographer for a boudoir shooting is getting more and more common in our modern society, but that experience is still limited to a minority of the population. And for many, this act represent a real personal development process.

From self-image to photography, there is one step...

Indeed, showing off in underwear or naked in front of a photographer, a stranger, and that is armed with a camera, ready to capture every little wrong detail, is far from being a trivial exercise for anyone. If in addition to these extreme conditions, we must be able to show off a bit of glamor and elegance, then we almost reach the level of existential challenge.

Nowadays, the body and its representation are subject to a constant stretch between on the one hand, the images we see in magazines and the plenty of body caring speeches, and on the other hand, the daily stress of a uneasy personal or professional situation, and an irresistible envy to take revenge on the food and the drinks.

The body, this incredibly sophisticated machine, is capable of stigmatize and print these small symptoms, through weight gain, skin problems, cellulite, etc. We then enter into a vicious circle of abandonment and rejection of his own body, i.e. the authentic burying of heads in the sand strategy.

Get naked in broad light...

Confronting our-self to a boudoir photographer, with nothing more than a few pieces of lingerie, somehow get the head out of the sand. To accept to watch ourself in full light, that is the challenge of the glamour photo shoot. And there really starts the photo therapy.

But just as in psychotherapy, there are good and bad therapists / photographers. And the result, if it can be really positive, can also be somehow very negative. A session with a disrespectful and flirty photographer will almost certainly lead to vulgar shots. The model will feel humiliated and will keep in mind images that do not show her-self in a positive light at all.

With a good erotic photographer, the result is totally the opposite. The look without judgment and without perversity of an experienced professional photographer is one of the first aid to feel beautiful and relaxed. Respect and detachment are essential qualities for a lingerie photographer. Confident in those conditions only, the model will attempt to push back her own limits, and show even more sensuality and natural elegance. In addition, if the photographer is talented, then the pictures will be beautiful, and instantly, the model will change of perspective about herself. We go back to a virtuous circle that leads to healing and peace.

The experience of the photo-therapy...

The intrinsic goal of the photo therapy is to replace a negative image, often false, that one has of oneself, by a set of new images much more positive and encouraging, a boost to change to a new life mode, more oriented to health of the body and the mind. The model recover a total confidence, deeply reassured by her potential for seduction and attraction. A real chrysalis.

That's why many photographers will share this opinion: a boudoir photo shoot is a real efficient therapy, when performed by a specialist.

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