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Running out of ideas?

A boudoir photo shooting, the original gift you were looking for since a long time! Perfect for Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, even at Christmas, the lingerie photo shooting is the ultimate sexy gift!

The sexiest gift he ever dreamed

Bored of the eternal restaurant for the anniversary, or the flower bouquet for Valentine's Day? Next time, go for a truly original gift, a boudoir photo shooting, what a great idea far from the conformism we used on TV and in movies for quite a long time. Time to take some real initiatives and offer something really sexy, and even useful!

A gift for her or for him? Well, a boudoir photo session is a great gift for both! For her, it's an off the beaten track experience, a reborn of her own sensuality, a real makeover therapy to feel beautiful and attractive again. It is good sometimes to face some challenges, to push up our own limits, to forge a new self-image of our body, redesign our power of seduction, this is totally within reach, you just have to jump! So for Valentine's Day, you have something planned?

What can it be? Another book about fishing?

For him it's a fantasy: which man never dreamed of seeing his wife like in an sexy magazine, but a single, private collector's item, a precious photo album that will change forever the image he had his wife. To surprise him afterwards is certainly a naughty idea: to let him imagine that you could secretly book a lingerie photographer, and undress without complex in front of him in a hotel room, for many men, this scenario worth the great erotic cult movies.

And why not, let him watch the photo shooting? That's then a completely different scenario, but just as exciting! To watch his wife being guided by a boudoir photographer in some very sensual poses, a kind of libertine's experience, but without never crossing the line.

Communication is essential in a relationship, as are challenges sometimes. If over time, the communication can be more easily and naturally, sometimes some desires are buried deep in the secret garden, and it can be hard to break this barrier that rise up with time. The most common solution would certainly to see a sex therapist, but the idea of a ​​therapy, the idea of ​​assuming that there may be a problem in the couple, such can be a truly repulsive step, even inaccessible.

Sorry? An interview with a sex-therapy? For Valentine's Day?

A lingerie photo shooting with a professional photographer can, for many men, become an instrument to uncover its top secret desires, through a neutral third party : the boudoir photographer. Most of the time, the husband will guide beforehand the photographer about what he wish to see his wife doing, everything he would like, the photographer will make her do. It is, in retrospect, a particularly effective way to live its most intimate fantasies without needing to assume it, just by putting those crazy ideas on the back of the photographer!

Let face it, many men will want to try the eroticism, to see their naked wife being guided to the most hot and sexy positions they never dreamed about. The session is then transform literally into quasi-religious ceremony, filled with a palpable intensity and a form of sacredness: the wife revealing her innermost secrets, the husband in trance receiving the precious gift of his wife, in a form of meditation and sacred contemplation, in order not to miss even one single beat, for every moment that passes in front of his eyes to be engraved forever in his memory. The photo shooting transform to a sacred ceremonial where the most intimate ties are transcended in a form of tantra meditation.

So for the Christmas gift, are you still running out of ideas? A session of boudoir photos is really a great gift for a couple, a true sex therapy to boost the libido of both weds, to explore their private and secret sexuality, and finally to rise up the sexual tension that may have disappear under a mountain of habits: a boost to the audacity that drives us all!

The surprise gift, between the cheese and the dessert...

But this is not just for couples: imagine your best friend in a total loss of confidence since she break with her perverse narcissistic ex-boyfriend? Or your friend who is getting married in a few weeks, what a great idea for a bachelorette party! A lingerie photo shoot within a professional team, in a nice hotel, such a great experience between friends: select the outfits, the accessories, help in the positions and the attitudes, and thus in order to make the most personalized gift to her future husband. A great experience, really fun time to share with friends!

And just imagine the face of the bridegroom, the very wedding day, between the cheese and the dessert, his wife handed him secretly under the table this wonderful gift, this precious present: all the potential of sex appeal of his new girlfriend compiled in a photo book, and what a book! Such a great and wonderful surprise to discover that his wife is much more naughty he would have ever dreamed about, now it's for sure, he chose the right one!

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Read some comments of our customers

Read some comments of our customers

Read some comments of our customers

"Very pleasant shooting. Nicolas is a real professional. I appreciate his punctuality, his feeling for details and his artistic skills. And his retouch is great. For sure I will book him again next time!" (Kristen) - Read more comments of our customers...

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