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Photoglams produced your sexy video , whatever are your desires and your budget, in the location you wish and in a professional environment, for a rendering and quality equal to professional advertisings.

The videos shootings

Photoglams realizes and produces sexy videos or erotic videos for amateurs and professionals. Whether you are a professional stripper or a private individual, all our videos are entirely bespoke.

Whether you are looking for something glamorous, fetish or erotic, with or without editing, the Photoglams team will adapt to your desires and realize the scenario of your dreams, whatever the duration and the style.

The price for making a video is 350 € for a duration between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. The video can be made at the end of your photo shoot or independently, and takes about 30 minutes to film. You can then choose the music you like, and the video will be finalized within 5 days maximum.

For any use online, the video will include a small credit to at the end of the video. Find out even more of our sexy videos on our Vimeo page :

Our sexy videos examples

Find below some of our latest video achievements :

Sity at the beach

Check out the video of the very young Sity charm model, from Singapore, for a performance worthy of the biggest. The video was shot on a Lamma Island beach in Hong Kong.

Watch the video on Vimeo

Alice in Wonderland

Here is a beautiful example of a video shot with a charming model, beginner, and which offers us a superb show for a very first time. The video was shot in a luxury hotel in Paris.

Watch the video on Vimeo

Une féline à Monaco

Here is Felyne, beautiful charming model with exotic origins, in a video of the sexiest, and be careful, the shower will not be cold! The video was shot in a palace in Monaco.

Watch the video on Vimeo

Caroline dans les champs

Find the video of the sublime Caroline, professional stripper, in her best video service with Photoglams, undressing with refinement and unparalleled elegance. Shot near Paris France

Watch the video on Vimeo

Tyna undressed

Here is Tyna, very beautiful model of charm, in one of these services with Photoglams. Very nice demonstration of elegance and sex appeal! The video was shot in a beautiful hotel in Versaille France.

Watch the video on Vimeo

Fetish lunch

This video was shot during a Fetish lunch in a large Parisian restaurant. This fetish model, and his submissive, offers us a really professional service.

Watch the video on Vimeo

Caroline en studio

Find the very first video of the brilliant Caroline, a professional stripper, in a memorable studio performance in Paris. Performed in one take with incredible talent!

Watch the video on Vimeo

Find out even more of our sexy videos on our Vimeo page :

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